We needed milk, we always need milk, usually i’d just walk down to the co-op but I still have 2 days on my weekly bus pass which I got for half term,so I decided that I’d jump on the bus to asda, if I can save a few pennies I will.
The 12 year old came with me, I’d explained that we weren’t going to be accidentally buying chocolate as we were saving pennies, she was fine with that she just wanted to come along .
We got to asda and walking through the car park 12 year old says “we should get a cab home mum, it would be fun”

It would also be £6, very expensive milk 😐 😊


Pick-a-positive or two : linky

This little blog of mine is a week old 😊 and I’m already proud of it.
I found that on my old blog and this one too, blogging about positives, however big or small, was actually really good for focussing my mind on the fact that even if things are overall a little crappy there are always positives.
Its also good to have them written down to look back on.
I really want this new blog of mine to be a positive place so I’m starting a new linky which will be open at weekends, its very simple, just share a positive thing (or 2,3,4……..if you’re lucky enough) from the week.
Write your post, link up and I will share and tweet your posts.
Even one positive is worth celebrating, as the saying goes

everybody’s fed nobody’s dead


Lets share some positivity 😊

My biggest positive from this week is that we went to the British museum, it wasn’t easy to convince Ollie to go but eventually the ear defenders were deployed and out we went.
We enjoyed the museum (although we only saw a very small part of it) , Ollie coped brilliantly and we enjoyed seeing London by bus (we managed to get the upstairs front seats), we also enjoyed lunch from Burger King. It was a grand day out!

The linky is right here

Over on facebook today I see people are taking the “what mental disorder do you have ?” Quiz.
Because mental disorders are such a funny subject aren’t they ? no ! just no.

Comments such as

lol lol I’ve got ocd lol

make my blood boil !

I’ve started deleting people that take such quizzes, remember the “find your tourettes name” quiz? Hysterical, no? no.

Ollies case finally goes before the SEN panel on wednesday !
I had only named one school ( asd unit) but they want me to name another by wednesday, I must admit I’m in a slight panic over that but ….
wednesday …please keep your fingers crossed for Ollie.

Word of the week

I’m linking up with http://www.thereadingresidence.com/ again with my word of the week .
This week my word is


Connected: united, joined or linked. Having a connection: Joined together in sequence.
In our house we often seem like 8 people just bumping into eachother here and there while we all try to get on with what we need to do, some days I feel I hardly get a moment with the kids, but this week has been half term, everyone has been home, we’ve eaten together, watched tv together, had time to be together, I’ve been to the cinema with the two youngest girls, and with the eldest girl, we’ve been out for some walks (ollie included) , we’ve been to krispy kreme to stuff our faces together.
The 17 year old even came to asda and helped me with the big weekly shop, that never happens.
I’ve also had time to relax, not worry about who needs to be where and I’ve given myself a few days off of worrying about emails, SEN panels, I haven’t been doing a headless chicken act this week so I feel I’ve been able to reconnect with myself (if that makes any sense)

connected, its a good way to feel 😊

The Reading Residence

A beautiful tragedy

Insomnia has me again.
As I snuggled down with Ollie
Tonight I could feel
Sleep taking over ,
I put my book down
Ready , ready for sleep to wrap me up
And replenish my tired soul

But the time ticked by
It never stops does it
Ticking away
Sleep had lost the fight
With insomnia
I’ve resigned myself to it
Tonight my tired soul will have no rest

But there is something beautiful
Imagine with me – if you will
A quiet house
Earlier filled with children
Making too much noise
The dog barking
Too much.
The cat meaowing
It’s beautiful.
When insomnia has crept in
And taken over your night
It’s beautiful.
Stop stressing ,
stop watching the clock
Waiting for sleep
And listen

I can hear ollie (9) snoring in my ear , I hear him sucking his thumb and I see him fiddling with blanky in his restless sleep.
Right now he’s not tic’ing or autistic
He’s asleep
Innocent natural. He’s just Ollie.
His sleep noises soothe my soul.
I hear maxi the dog and Zoë (12) snoring too.
That’s 3 snorers out of sync
Yet somehow just right.
There will be sleep talking too.
From Ollie and Zoë
If I go down a flight of stairs I hear 14 and 15 year olds snoring
Innocent natural
We argued today
But they are insanely peacefully wonderful
Now asleep
hearing their sleeping sounds
Fills my bruised tired heart
With love.

Everyone is home.
Everyone is noisy but if you
Just listen to the sounds at night
You hear contentment , safeness ,
Your hear love , in Their
Restful sleep you hear love

Insomnia is a tragedy
it robs me of replenishing sleep
My soul aches for sleep

But it allows me Time
Where I feel
I’m the only person awake
Where the world is quiet
Where I hear the beautiful
Sounds of my children sleeping.
I can feel alone but not lonely ,
I hear the house resting.

It is a beautiful tragedy.