Finding positives

Positivity……sometimes it can really feel like there is nothing to be positive about, I know the feeling well, as someone who has always been a naturally negative person.
The thing is though that focusing on the positive things really does have a positive effect on your mind.
I know all too well that by the time bedtime approaches and you’ve tidied for the hundreth time, broken up many sibling disagreements, thrown dinner in the bin, cried in the bathroom whilst stuffing your face with chocolate between sobs its often hard to see any positives, but trust me if you look they are there .Even the tiny small things count, did you manage to leave the house without your cardigan inside out? There you go, did you manage at least one visit to the loo alone? Thats another.Its ok to celebrate the small positives.

My positives today were that I spent a very productive morning on the phone to parent partnership, I had an awesome sandwich for lunch, The girls broke up from school for half term and the cat didn’t pee on anyones school/hand bag today.
Also Ollie was asleep by 10:30 and went to bed with no fuss 😊.

If you really cant think of any there’s always my favourite quote, which I use alot

everybody is fed , nobody is dead



Every time you comment a fairy gets her wings , please help the fairies 😊

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