Im offended …very offended

I’m afraid this isn’t a positive post but I felt the need to migrate it over to the new blog as it means a lot to me
Yesterday I read that Toni Braxton has said she fears that her sons autism is a payback from God because she once had an abortion.So Autism is a punishment?

I’m offended! In fact I find this offensive on many levels .

How can anybody say this publicly when its possible her son will one day read this, perhaps he already knows how she feels. That his autism is a punishment.

Is an autistic child a punishment? My two Autistic sons certainly aren’t. They are no less of a gift than my neurotypical children. All children are a gift whether they have Autism or not. I’m sure that many parents of Autistic children have felt guilt at some point, did they do something to harm their baby during pregnancy or during childhood, its only natural to have such worries but I know I’ve never looked at my children and wondered if I’ve been punished for a choice I made in the past. Should every parent of a child with special needs or an illness feel guilty, should they all feel they are being punished by God?

Should  a woman having an abortion fear that one day she may be punished with an autistic child? Should a woman who has had an abortion and gone on to have an autistic child feel guilty that its her fault? I imagine that for most women abortion carries enough guilt without this.

I am not religious and accept that people have different beliefs but to say something like this publicly is unacceptable in my opinion.

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  1. I will say when I first found out about my daughters Down’s syndrome. I thought I was ding punished for something I had done in a pervious life or that It was my fault. I know now that it isn’t and it was probably the shock of finding out at birth etc. I love my daughter though and now I have been able to move past her DS because. She is amazing no matter what.

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