Finding positives: saturday may 24th

Ive had a good day today, nothing special happened it was largely an ordinary day, but a good one.
My positives from today include a trip to b and q with the 12 year old where we may or may not have accidentally popped into Krispy Kreme for a donut each ( a glazed ring with strawberry gloss) we totally did .
I finally remembered to buy a loo seat after three months of the kids constantly reminding me.
We had homemade pizzas for lunch, yum!
The 18 yo tidied his room ( a big deal for him, trust me!)
I had an awesome sandwich for dinner.
Im on top of the housework.
Starcrossed was on tv, its a little naff but I love it.
And perhaps best of all today is the day I decided to go to britmums and found somebody who offered me their early bird ticket.
Also, one I had almost forgotten to mention, the support, comments and positive feed back on my new blog (this one) have been awesome 👍

Its just been a really nice saturday with the kids, who happen to be quite awesome! at least most of the time

What positives have you found today? Even small ones count!



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