I’m going to Brit mums live ðŸ˜Š

I didn’t think i’d be saying this but it appears that I’m going Brit mums live squeeeee!

Last year I was very new to blogging and only just beginning to get twitter so when Brit mums 2013 happened I read all the tweets and blog posts and really hoped I’d be there one day because it all just seemed such fun.
When the tickets when on sale for 2014 I desperately wanted to go but I just couldn’t afford it and to be honest the fact that I was absolutely terrified of actually going meant that I didn’t really try too hard to jiggle my finances .

Ive never been to a twitter or blog event and there are people I really want to meet, I’ve watched on twitter as everyone has been making plans and I was insanely jealous happy for them but wished it was me too.

Last night I was chatting to the 16 year old about it and she said that if I really wanted to go I should, I should find a way and do it.
I tweeted that if anyone was selling a britmums ticket I desperately wanted one.
This morning I had a tweet from a lovely lady @EmmaNutrition offering me her early bird ticket, so I’m really doing it.

I’m not sure what to expect as I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m terrified of having to actually meet people in real life and the fact that I see people on twitter talking about choosing outfits when I only do jeans is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat, but I’m going, I’m doing it…
So I guess I’ll see you at brit mums live 2014 I’ll be the one hiding in the toilets



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