Positive about books πŸ’œ

Its not often I get any spare time, but when I do I am more than likely to be found with a book in my hand.
Books are my happy place, books are where I can escape to even if its just for ten minutes grabbed here and there. The idea of entering a whole world created in someone else’s mind absolutely delights me.
Given the chance I can happily curl up for hours with a good book.
I can’t remember not loving to read, and I usually pick reading over watching tv, I’m quite good at doing them both at the same time though.
I enjoy both hard copies or kindle books, they both have their upsides, with the kindle app I can read in bed without disturbing Ollie and sometimes when you’re tired turning pages is just effort, I can grab my phone or my iPad and read a few pages if I’m on a bus or waiting for something, but there really is nothing better than holding an actual book in my hands, admiring the cover, reading the blurb, I often choose a book based solely on the cover.I love to crack the spine of a new book and as I’m reading I dog ear the corners of the pages, If Im reading one of my daughters books though I’m not allowed, I think a slightly battered book is a sign of a well loved book.I also find something comforting in the weight of a good solid book.
I will read most genres, except for sci-fi, and autobiographies.I’ve never found a sci fi book yet that I’ve enjoyed. And I cant imagine ever having the inclination to read an autobiography , I particularly enjoy young adult supernatural books, give me a vampire, a ghost, a werewolf and I’m in book heaven.
I also love anything by John green, I would recommend his books to everyone, there are just so many books that I love I think I might make a top ten list, as much for me to reminisce over my favourites as anything else.
Im definitely going to commit to writing book reviews because I absolutely love to share about good books.
Although every time one of my beloved favourite reads is made into a movie , I get excited, so far Ive been disappointed every time almost every time ,they never get them quite right, I was thoroughly disappointed in beautiful creatures , hunger games as I was with mortal instruments and twilight , don’t ever get me started , I loved the books , loved the movies but the movies were poor adaptations of the books .
Part of the problem for me is perhaps that I like to read the book first, meaning I have already given the characters their faces (bodies too i guess) and imagined their mannerisms so the movie never matches my imagination I’m sure I usually imagine it better than the movie makers

Im going to quickly mention a couple of books that I believe translated well into movies , just because I πŸ’œ my readers , these books were red riding hood , and warm bodies, great books and equally great movies , watch them ,read them, try even if they aren’t your thing , I’m sure you will love !

Also i just have to recommend The fault in our stars by john green ( soon to be a movie ) a moving wonderful book

This week I’m planning to reread to kill a mocking bird, and I know why the caged bird sings !
While I’m on the subject of books well it is a blog post all about books give wuthering heights a go , I did, I struggled with the language and it can be hard reading but totally worth reading it, if only for the achievement, honestly its a must read book , i will just quickly mention Anne of green gables then I shall stop fangirling over books.

What do you prefer, kindle or hard copy?
What genre do you prefer?
How do you find book to film adaptations?

Whats on your to be read pile ?


  1. Cannot gush about John Green enough! Everyone should read the fault in our stars. Breath taking.
    I read Will Grayson Will Grayson this month. A-mazing!
    As for kindle vs book, I said I’d never ever buy a kindle, but I did as a treat to myself with my maternity pay. I love my kindle but I do love a paper copy of a book. The smell, my goodness the smell of a book is just to die for.
    Each have their place and I love them both. My only criticism of my kindle is that it’s made me a fickle reader because it’s too easy to get another book, where as if I’ve bought a paper copy of a book I’m more likely to preserver. Weird huh?
    As for film adaptions, all the ones you’ve mentioned I unfortunately saw the first film before reading the books so I can’t really comment. The biggest adaption that’s annoyed me had to be Harry potter. I was initially so cross! But fell in love with the films for different reasons. I think it was the simple details that they got wrong that annoyed me.

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