Sexist misognyistic clothing sold at asda

It has been brought to my attention by @ChildsEyesUK that this T-shirt is from the George at Asda range , really Asda? Im not sure what angle you were going for here, sexism, misogyny, encouraging men to drink more to make a female do what he wants, rape ?
These T-shirts are a disgrace as well as being offensive to women, giving a terrible message to men, Asda clothing is able to been seen by children.
So i could quite possibly be dilly dallying with my kids through the clothing department only to have my child ask what the T-shirt means


This T-shirt is unacceptable, especially where it can be seen by a child’s eyes . I think somebody i don’t know who’s job it is needs to put a lot more thought into what is acceptable to sell in a family supermarket , may I be so bold as to suggest that a T-shirt condoning rape is not suitable , selling this tat will be a surefire way to lose custom!



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