Finding positives: tuesday may 27th

Today was another great day , I’ve been determined to get the kids , well, mostly Ollie out as much as possible, he refused swimming today so I suggested we go to krispy kreme and eat our donuts in the restaurant where you can see the whole making process.
We all watched and enjoyed this, we loved our delicious donuts and even the rain didnt spoil our trip .
Ollie didn’t even put up a fight about going out today because

duh, its krispy kreme

My mum popped in for a visit which is always nice, shes brought me three orchid plants in total this week.

I have a lovely new bag , I’ve had eye on one for a while then yesterday my handbag strap broke obviously a sign from someone , somewhere, something, so today the new bag is mine.

I went out tonight like a real grown up, to the cinema to watch a 15 rated movie, not a

movie for juniors

Something weird has happened the kids have begun organising , tidying , rearranging their rooms, weird but I love it.

Ollie had waited for me to come home as he

missed you and cant go to sleep when we don’t say gooey goo night

Also the amazingly kind comments and support for new blog is crazy awesome πŸ’œ

My life is no fairytale , this is just a good week, don’t ever feel bad if your positives are small because somedays, for lots of people just getting up out of bed or just going out of the front door is a hugely positive achievement

an achievement is an achievement no matter how small, own them , shout about them, celebrate them all

I hope you’ve found some positives in your day, if not I wish you love and hope that positivity will soon be easier to see

Every time you comment a fairy gets her wings , please help the fairies 😊

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