Brining back paper #paperypeep

I’m joining in with the #paperypeep linky over at To tell you about the papery things that have made me happy this month, I love all things paper, stationary, wrapping paper, paper tape, and especially books, I do use my kindle but you cannot beat cracking the spine on a new book, dog earing the corners, the feel of a book, the smell ….

I was lucky enough to receive some Happy mail from a twitter friend, a lovely card, some bits and pieces as well as a tea bag, coffee sachet and a pack of sweets, it was so nice to receive it that I was inspired to buy this lovely writing set

I cant wait to send some happy mail of my own. I love the idea of a letter winging its way to somebodys doormat , where it will hopefully make them smile.

I’ve been enjoying using my notebook journal, I’m becoming more organised and enjoying customising and organising it with washi tape and paper clips 20140528-121006.jpg

Last but not least I’ve got my hands on my two next reads, after there being so much in the news about To kill a mocking bird I’ve been inspired to revisit it, I read it for gcse English and also, I know why the caged bird sings. Both paper copies of course .

The Reading Residence

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  1. I love your new writing set – so sweet! I do love sending and receiving happy mail, such a lovely thing to do to brighten a day somewhere. I do like your customising, too – I think I may have to get my washi tape out and have a go at that myself! Happy reading 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #BringBackPaper’s #PaperyPeep

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