I saw this poster today by PETA , I wanted to blog a picture of it but WordPress on a windows 8 phone is useless, so all I can do is describe it, Its a bowl of cheerios making a sad face, the slogan reads “has your child GOT AUTISM?” Then “learn about the link between autism and dairy products” in small letters. I have to say I’m really bloody annoyed by it.

To begin with, there is no proven link between Autism and dairy products, this is scaremongering, nothing more.

The slogan, has your child GOT AUTISM is a spoof of the American billboard got milk ads, Autism isn’t a joke!

And the thing that has actually bothered me the most is the cheerios in the bowl of milk making a sad face, So the cheerios got Autism when the milk was poured on them and now they are sad? Like autism is the saddest thing in the whole world? People with Autism are all so sad are they? No, no, no!

The scaremongering, the guilt put on parents of Autistics just needs to stop.

PETA need to stop using autism to further their campaign against the use of animal products (this said by myself, a vegetarian) with a theory , not a proven link.


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  1. unfortunately too many people are jumping on the autism bandwagon. This is the danger of promoting awareness over acceptance. We end up with “cocktail party awareness” (as defined by A Diary of a Mom–amazing blog) rather than true understanding and people who think they “get” autism. We need to stop lighting April up in blue, and stop demonizing autism. Autism doesn’t steal our kids, it doesn’t destroy people. It is one of those things, like hearing impairment, or missing limbs or any of a million other things that are simply a non-removable part of people. Also for the record, as a trained (but now retired) Homeopath, I don’t believe that food allergies cause Autism. Merely the allergy is so severe that the body is so inflamed that no nutrients are getting absorbed. A starving brain will shut down. That is why some people see miraculous “cures” through diet (yes I also believe autism and severe allergies can co-exist but for the purpose of this comment was trying to keep it somewhat short 🙂

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