So, why blog ?

Its a year and a half (almost) since I began blogging, my old blog was written mostly during difficult times , the posts were useful to clear my head, rearrange my thoughts, they where absolutely free therapy. Im proud of every post on mumblings on the verge but it was time for a change .

Here on planet T I’m more me , I’m happier , the blog is a happier place.
I’m trying things out , I’ve written posts about positivity , books and even a rant, but also posted using the new formats, I’ve posted happiness is…snippets on the status format , question / discussion type posts using the aside format and even the quote and photo format , my hope is that alongside my main posts the smaller status , aside and quote formatted posts will spread some positivity and happiness.

I still blog primarily for me, it makes me happy, its the journal of so much of my life but also because I’d love to inspire a flicker of positivity in someone else.

I’ve kept many posts short so hopefully its quick and easy to read and my theme colour codes the posts so you know what type of post you’re looking at.

Ive heard talk lately of people being annoyed about comment numbers, are you writing anything worth commenting on? Are you asking a question in your post? Do you reciprocate comments ? Most importantly though don’t get bogged down in counting comments, comment on a few and you will soon see many more coming your way , don’t blog for comments though. Blog for you.

I see people stressed over rankings, blogging is not a contest, take a step back , reevaluate why you blog , the rankings make no sense anyway.Dont blog for rankings, blog for you.

I’ve seen talk of bloggers being cliquey on twitter, voting for those in their circles ,only chatting with those in their circles and so on , you have some options here , push your way into the clique, blow the clique wide open or fly solo like a freebird,happy freebird . Blogging freely , for you.

Ive seen jealousy of bloggers getting free stuff all the time, if this is something you would like don’t be jealous find out how to achieve this and work your butt off, but don’t let your blog be all reviews, does anyone actually believe blogger reviews anyway ?
I know I don’t, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an unfavourable review yet ,maybe do an occasional review in a radical move perhaps an honest review but remember to let you shine through. Blog for you.

The most important rule of blogging is that there are no rules , blog how, what and when you want, find your style and embrace it , above all else blog for you. If blogging is something you want to try but you’re scared to take the leap do it , try it , you’ve nothing to lose and you might just love it.

I would really appreciate some honest feedback on my new blog if you have any dont hold back .

blogging should be fun, if it comes to a point where its no longer fun its probably time to step back

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is appreciated
With love G xxx


Every time you comment a fairy gets her wings , please help the fairies 😊

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