Im looking for a linky

Hello there , I’m looking for a linky.

Ive started taking part in more linkys with this blog
Word of the week
Bring back paper
My sunday photo
And of course my own, show your blog off.
But I’d like to find a couple more ,i don’t have babies or small kids and I’m no cook so nothing like that ,I’m also no fashionista!
Is there anything out there that I can join in with?
Suggestions are welcome



  1. Just happened to see this when I logged on! If you like photography, I run two photo based Linkies. What’s The Story? on a Monday which is focused on the story behind a photo (or photos). Also run the Alphabet Photography Project on Wednesdays (it’s letter C until Tues).

    There’s also Silent Sunday on Sundays and if you like garden/visit gardens Mammasarus does How Does Your Garden Grow? The Oliver’s Madhouse does Magic Moments on Mondays. Vic Welton runs Prose for Thought on Thursdays and Post Comment Love on Fridays. There are more…

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