My prime five : pet hates

Over at Tantrums and glitter there is a new linky starting , My prime 5 , this week ( its running fortnightly I believe) the subject is pet hates.

Tantrums and Glitter

I wasn’t sure I’d be able think of 5 but actually once i got going…it turns out I’m a bit of a grump.

Bad pedestrians: I’m a pedestrian, but I am of course what I consider to be a good pedestrian. I reckon if you had to have a licence to walk most people wouldn’t be able to get anywhere, pavement hoggers and dawdlers are my biggest issue, the hoggers take up the whole pavement, they walk with a sway so you never know which way to try and dodge past, you make some noises behind them, a couple of ” sorry, excuse me’s” and they still don’t move, you decide the only way out if this is to cross the road….then they cross too 😡, the dawdlers walk at a snails pace even on a busy high street, often stopping for NO reason, so you find yourself colliding with them.
Hoggers and dawdlers can be found on every pavement as well as in every supermarket, I have two things to say to these people, spatial awareness ,and

walk with purpose, people, walk with purpose!

Drivers who don’t indicate : Now, I can’t drive but I’m
Pretty sure they teach you what indicators are for when you are learning , when you are coming to a corner indicate thats it, thats all you have to do, then my children and I will know whether or not to cross safely, its so simple and yet so many don’t do it.

Which brings me to my next pet hate…
Drivers who almost mow you down at a zebra crossing.
If there is a Zebra crossing I will always use it, thats what they’re for right? A safe place to cross, not so much.
We have a zebra crossing that my kids have to use every day to and from school, I’m sure its painted in invisible paint, i’d say 80% of drivers don’t stop even if you are already crossing
They just Zoom past, and those that do stop shoot death glares at you whilst you cross, excuse me for trying not to die!

Dog poo…on pavements, on grass, in bags hanging from trees, just no! if you have a dog, pick up its poo.
I have a dog, whenever I leave the house with my dog I take a poo bag. Its not difficult. When I’ve used the poo bag I carry it to a bin and dispose of it.
Bingo! Thats it, nobody has to tread in my dogs poo, no one should have to tread in any dog poo. And for the love of God if youve gone go the trouble of picking it up put it in the bin dont hang it from a tree! Why would you even do that?

Last but by no means least I give you …the self checkout, we all hate those don’t we, created to speed up the whole payment process they in fact double the length of time it takes . Approximately once every two items you have to wait for an assistant to authorize your purchase, check the bag weight , your age,your eye colour.
I cannot use a self checkout without losing my temper, i usually end up swearing at them and shouting

for the hundreth time i did place the item in the bagging area !

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  1. Great list! I hate those people that walk really slow in front of you when your trying to het somewhere and dont get me started on the unexpected items in the bagging area! Lol thanks for linking up #myprime5

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