Pick-a-positive or two : linky

This little blog of mine is a week old 😊 and I’m already proud of it.
I found that on my old blog and this one too, blogging about positives, however big or small, was actually really good for focussing my mind on the fact that even if things are overall a little crappy there are always positives.
Its also good to have them written down to look back on.
I really want this new blog of mine to be a positive place so I’m starting a new linky which will be open at weekends, its very simple, just share a positive thing (or 2,3,4……..if you’re lucky enough) from the week.
Write your post, link up and I will share and tweet your posts.
Even one positive is worth celebrating, as the saying goes

everybody’s fed nobody’s dead


Lets share some positivity 😊

My biggest positive from this week is that we went to the British museum, it wasn’t easy to convince Ollie to go but eventually the ear defenders were deployed and out we went.
We enjoyed the museum (although we only saw a very small part of it) , Ollie coped brilliantly and we enjoyed seeing London by bus (we managed to get the upstairs front seats), we also enjoyed lunch from Burger King. It was a grand day out!

The linky is right here



Every time you comment a fairy gets her wings , please help the fairies 😊

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