Mixtape monday : linky (1)

Ive been looking for a linky to join in with on a monday, I’ve found one that I love, because I love music. Music is necessary, it feeds the soul, it can can your mood at the press of a button, and of course without music there would be no kitchen dancing.

mixtape monday

It belongs to the lovely @ClaraUnravelled at http://www.claraunravelled.co.uk

Im afraid I’m about to totally show how completely uncool I am. But cool is not my thing anyway.
My girls like camp rock and camp rock 2, I like camp rock I have to “put up” with camp rock quite often. Well there is a song on camp Rock 2 thats really catchy, you know the kind of song that gets stuck in your head.
Zoë has it on her spotify playlist too, as she shares my spotify I accidentally on purpose stumble on it from time to time .
Me and Ollie listen to it in bed sometimes because we he likes the guitar.
Enough with the excuses….I just love this song…its stuck in my head and I don’t mind at all

introducing me,
Nick jonas

Clara Unravelled

Ive linked this post up to brilliant blog posts ( see badge below) because I love the song and I love mixtape monday
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Nobody knows

She only cries at night
No one hears her pain
They never see the tears
like bitter winter rain

She writes her feelings
They tell her
Its written from her heart
they don’t see the pieces
Shattered , fallen apart

She protects her children
Keeps them safe
On the outside, brave
But shes just a girl inside
Lost alone afraid

As she faces the world
She puts on her smile
Keeps her head up high

But nobody knows
Its hiding a lie

Im really enjoying the prose for thought linky , its getting me thinking.
Check it out by clicking on the button,

Prose for Thought

The week that was…

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? I am looking forward to the kids breaking up for summer but before we know it the C word will be creeping up on us.
Last week was a busy one, I started the week absolutely knackered tired from my weekend at brit mums, I enjoyed myself but I did A LOT of walking so my knee has been making me pay for it.
I wrote about my first brit mums live experience here and I got a much better response than I expected.
On Wednesday I had a meeting at Ollies new school, I hate meetings but I called on my new found confidence from brit mums live and the meeting went fantastically well, I wrote about it here.
I made the decision to bin my linkys because they just weren’t working, I must admit I’m a little gutted because I thought they were good ideas but I am enjoying the linkys I already take part in , this is a list of the linkys I love to join in with.
My favourite linky post this week was this one .

After deciding to end my linkys I published my weekly Fit Friday postand due to popular demand I’ve decided to make that into a linky from this coming friday, I’m looking forward to see the posts that are linked up. Fridays are about to get good 😊.
I also hit 1,000 twitter followers this week, so obviously know I’m very important and I tweet in a tiara 😜

My favourite photo of the week was this one taken in the cemetery after Ollie and I had a lovely lunchtime walk .

This week is looking like its going to be a busy one, how was last week for you? What have you got planned for this week?

The kindness of twitter, and help we’ve gone laminating crazy.

gah! I apologise, I’m blogging on my windows phone (that probably says it all) so I cant post a pic, why??? But I wanted to share the lovely thing that happened this week.

Its my mums birthday, not easy to choose a present for at the best of times and funds are more than tight right now.I couldn’t think of anything until it hit me, like a complete stroke of sudden genius.

Around five years ago when my mum moved home Ollie drew her two pictures, he was 4 at the time. One was Elvis …because…elvis!! The other was a helicopter because she moved close to a heliport.

she had the drawings on her fridge for a couple of years then they became a bit battered and fragile, mum gave me the drawings and asked me to see about getting them laminated. Unsurprisingly I forgot, they been in the bottom of the kitchen junk basket for two years, we all have a basket like that, don’t we ! knowing how well mum knows she, she is probably sure I lost them and she will never see them again.

I made up my mind to finally laminate the pictures, which I’m sure will make her extremely happy.I tweeted out asking if anyone had a laminator and to ask if i could pop the drawings in the post, have them laminated then have them popped back to me in the post.

Lots of people were happy to help but then Sue aka @parsnip45 dm’d me to say she had bought us a laminator (and pouches) which would arrive on Thursday, in time for the birthday.I was speechless and absolutely amazed at Sues kindness.

The all important Elvis and helicopter pictures are laminated as are (I’m sorry) lots of pics of Gary Barlows head (for the 14 year old) and a small business card sized pic of Gary Barlow ( for my purse, sorry)

I really think these pictures will make my mums day (its a sad day as my stepdad died on mums birthday 4 years ago) so I’m hoping they will make her smile.

This was all possible because of the wonderful kindness of a twitter friend, twitter blows my mind sometimes.

I will have to post pics on my instagram in the morning as wp is junk on a windows phone, my instagram is mumblingsontheverge if you want to have a peek, remember he was 4 when he drew them 🙂


Thanks again Sue , you made us very happy, you have a beautiful heart xx

update my ipad is working now so Im able to include Ollies artwork that we laminated for my mums birthday ….

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Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com

Last night Ollie had his melatonin at 9 o clock, by 10 he was fast asleep, oh joyous miracle 😀 I lay in bed, in peace and quiet watching criminal minds on the iPad, I had won a small battle, no more one million questions till midnight, just me, my iPad and criminal minds.

Now, whilst Ollie has been off school, for the past 8 months we’ve fallen into a morning routine, I wake up with the girls at 6, lay on the sofa semi conscious over see them getting ready for school, then make a cup of tea and by 7 I’m back in bed, tweeting, blogging, usually snoozing all the way until 8 or even 9.

But this morning I crept up to my room with my tea, looking forward to my bonus snooze, walked in and

morning mummy why do you think Americans call it a flashlight when we call it a torch ?

Looks like I have a new morning routine to get used to, and im not sure I love it.

Word of the week

My word of the week this week is


You may know from previous posts that my 9 year old Ollie is going to be starting his new school, in the asd unit of the school this month. Obviously just a few visits to prepare him for september, even so everything has become all about preparation.
Its actually quite easy to forget that Ollie has autism, in the sense that because he has been at home with me he’s been happy and relaxed, we haven’t had to deal with things that are usually issues such as morning routine, going on buses, sleep, we’ve fallen into a routine of no routine, and Its been good, we needed it ,but now we have to deal with the multitude of issues that come with autism and the best way to do that is prepare prepare prepare .
We made a start by getting him back on melatonin regularly, he’s sleeping earlier and earlier (I’m hoping to bring bedtime back to 9 rather than midnight) and so he’s waking earlier.
This means I can start getting him dressed earlier, a struggle because he likes to be in his pants all day every day and get him eating breakfast nice and early.
We are going to start doing practice bus rides to the school because buses are something Ollie finds very difficult, the fact is that there will be a lot of people on the bus so we need to be prepared for that, ear defenders at the ready.
Im talking to Ollie a lot about school trying to make it a normal every day thing to talk about and preparing him by showing him his class web page a lot.
Next week he has his 3 monthly camhs review and we are going to get an ecg done (routine) so that he can be prescribed medication to calm his tics a little. Another part of preparation for school.

I think preparation is the key here to a (hopefully) quite painless transition in to school.
Of course it could all fly out the window if we are hit by a massive meltdown on day one…..but I will be prepared for that too!

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