Tales of the unexpected, starring Ollie

I came up to bed at 10pm and found Ollie sitting quietly in bed, laptop turned off, waiting for me, “wow” said I “I am super impressed with you tonight, you are like a super duper superstar” “well it is ten o clock mum”. Said Ollie, As though this was the usual turn of events, not the hour to get him in to bed, with the laptop or iPad off, followed by an argument, debate or discussion going on till midnight.

So impressed was I that I fired up WordPress, whilst Ollie settled himself down, to write a post about how super duper proud I was of him…..I had written the title and almost one line….”actually mum, can I stay up till two thirty?

“no, go to sleep!”

“I hate you”

” I know, but I love you anyway”

“just 10 minutes on the iPad pleeease or I wont even be your friend tomorrow”

“have the iPad, ten minutes, that’s it mister” !

” you’re the worst mum ever”!

There then followed 10 minutes of him on the iPad in peace, after which came the inevitable argument and now the discussions, all the things he wonders about that we often end up googling until midnight, we are now discussing what measurement is less than a millimetre.

This post didn’t end up the proud post I expected it to be, because …autism!

But it does show how you can never know what to expect or how quickly a situation can change with autism

footnote, I’m actually proud of that dude every single moment of eternity

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