The week that was half term.

I won’t lie half term zaps every last bit of
Patience from me, its noisy, messy and often bloody hard work, but I chose to enjoy as much as I could, your children are only children once after all .

Here are some things we did.

*two walks along the river by mums house , one towards mcdonalds , the other towards battersea park, this way is a more interesting walk , also this was where we met big!

A day up London, to see the british museum, we also loved all the sights along the way on the bus ride .

We went on the bus to krispy kreme for donuts.

And today we went to the local cemetery, Ollie finds cemeteries fascinating , so the kids and I bought flowers, opened up the bunch and laid flowers on graves that were very old or didn’t look like they got any flowers I’m so proud they spent their sunday morning that way, and they want to do it next week too

Five trips out in a week are very rare for Ollie so I’m totally proud !

I went to the cinema twice, once with the 16 year old which I blogged about here and once with the 12 and 14 year olds which I blogged about here .

We also watched frozen (again) which I enjoyed more the second time around.

Also during half term the 16 year old was up and out early every day (in the midst of doing her gcses, doing a course where she passed level one football coaching 😊 .

I started a new linky last week too, its still open, all about positivity. You can find it here

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Over at tantrums and glitter I joined in with the new linky, my prime five and wrote about my pet hates.

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Last but not least my own linky, show your blog off. Some lovely blogs linked up this time 😊 take a look here

Overall its been a good week, now yo get the house back in order and catch up on some naps, have a good week !


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