The theme game ( linky) Adventures .

I’m joining in the theme game over at
This weeks theme is adventures.

Everybody loves an adventure, don’t they?
Well, not Ollie.
Ollie is happy at home, he feels safe here and has no desire to go
Anywhere else.
But I like to go out and about, so do the girls, and although I don’t make Ollie do things he’s not comfortable with, I do try to get him out on little adventures.

When we go out, it has to be planned military style, there can be no room for change or the unexpected or Ollie will meltdown.

We have to go to quiet places, where there aren’t too many people, nobody to bump into Ollie or cross his path, but it must be interesting or Ollie will see it as pointless.

We can’t venture too far because buses are an issue for Ollie.

One of the best places to take Ollie for some sunshine, fresh air an an adventure is our local cemetery.
Its definitely quiet, and there aren’t too many people, its a very short bus ride away, and we usually walk home through the common (bonus adventure time) .

Ollie is fascinated by the gravestones, the way they have changed so much from the older to the newer, he’s fascinated by working out how old people where when they died and how long ago.
Its a big cemetery so we can always walk a different route, it just never gets boring.

We like to look at the flowers and the ornaments, on sunday me Ollie and the girls took flowers to lay on older graves or those which looked particularly lonely, also baby graves. You can see that post here . The kids are hoping to do this every week.

A cemetery may not seem like the obvious choice for an adventure but for Ollie its exactly perfect, he doesn’t even need his ear defenders.

I’ve told this little story previously on the blog but it fits with this post …when Ollie was 3 he desperately wanted to visit the cemetery, he would keep asking my mum and I.
We took him one day, he was so excited to get there, but when we did he was so disappointed, we walked around a little but Ollie just wanted to leave, I asked him why he was disappointed.
” I can’t see any dead people ”

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  1. That’s a very different outing idea but actually it makes sense and I love the idea of taking flowers to put on neglected graves. The cemetary my grandparents are buried in is a really interesting place to walk around – I’d be slightly worried that my two little tearaways might be tempted to play hide and seek behind the gravestones mind you! #TheThemeGame

  2. There is something about cemeteries that is so atmospheric – definitely a good place for adventures I reckon! I love that your girls are planning to make laying flowers on old graves a regular thing – so sweet. It must be challenging though for Ollie’s boundaries to be so different to the rest of you, and it sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job x

    • I love a cemetery too 😊 they really enjoyed laying the flowers (ollie too) , one of Ollies big brothers also has autism and tourettes ( like Ollie) so its quite nice that they have eachother, but it does make it difficult when the rest of us want to go out and about , thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment x

  3. That does sound like the perfect adventure for Ollie by the sounds of it. I took my eldest into the city the other day and she turned to me and said ‘it’s all a bit overwhelming mummy’. I see exactly what she means too. #TheThemeGame

  4. That sounds like a perfect adventure for him. I’ve always loved roaming around old cemeteries, too. Very calm and beautiful, and I like imagining the stories that it all holds. Thanks so much for joining in and sharing with #TheThemeGame x

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