The prompt: my favourite smell…

This week I’m joining in with The Prompt, a lovely linky I found over at
This week the prompt is

my favourite smell…

There are quite a few smells I love, and I think they are all what most people would consider slightly odd.I love the smell of coffee, though I cant stand the taste, I love the smell of a shoe repair shop, trust me they smell great, paint, sharpie pens, I also love the smell of petrol, and probably the strangest one is the smell of tarmac, when a new road is being laid. I could stand by a new road and inhale for hours.
The smell I love the most though, the one that really means something to me is the smell of Twinings earl grey.
Whenever I smell it I’m taken back to my Nan’s kitchen in Norway, where we spent so much time growing up, (not just in the kitchen) I can picture my nan making us a fresh brew, while also whipping up a cake or some fresh pancakes, there was so much cake at my Nan’s house, I can picture my Grandad sitting at the little table by the window with his hearing aid turned right up so he could hear the radio. They were happy times, good family times, whenever I make a cup of earl grey I just stop for a moment, inhale and let myself go back to my Nan’s kitchen.



  1. I used to love the smell of tarmac and creosote, until I was pregnant for the first time and now I can’t bear them! It’s funny how that happens 🙂 I love that earl grey tea brings back such wonderful, strong memories of your nan, the same way that lavender does of mine for me. Smells are so evocative of a time or place, I find that fascinating. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt, it’s wonderful to have you join in x

  2. I’ve been reading through all the other Prompt posts this week and the smell which reminds you of a gone but not forgotten loved one has to be one of the best of all because its like a little piece of them living on. I quite like the smell of creasote on a newly painted fence myself! 🙂 X #theprompt

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