Hot wheels are for boys….

Hot wheels are for boys, and Hello Kitty is for girls ! At least thats what McDonalds think.
We went in there today, after the cinema, and whilst Ollie had a big mac meal the girls had happy meals. They are a little big for happy meals but they have bird like appetites, anyway, I digress….the helpful McDonalds employee who served us, very helpfully asked whether the happy meals were for girls or boys thus making sure I chose the correct gender appropriate toy for my child .
We cant have girls thinking they can play with cars, or heaven forbid boys playing with pink kitty cats can we!

how about just asking which toy your child would prefer and letting kids be kids! Too radical?



  1. We had this years ago when my older three were small. That time it was tiny Barbies or Action Man with a motor bike. You’d have though the world would end when my 4 year old girl announced loudly ” get me the bike Mummy I don’t want that rubbish Barbie” There were actual tuts. Shocking.

    PS She is now 16 and we still have the AM and the bike!

  2. Haha we had this yesterday, I was so shocked when she asked me that I asked her to repeat what she had asked in case I had heard wrong. Stupid, I hate it! The last few times we’ve been given books, and when I was little you just got a toy and played with it.

  3. Ah this annoys me. Harry recently chose a “pink” kinder egg. I explained to him what he might get inside and also explained what he might get in the “blue” one. He chose the pink one. Yet the store assistant TOLD (yes told, not asked) him to get the blue one.

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