The mouse that wasn’t !

ive moved this post over here from my old blog because there are big misconceptions over the way autistics understand humour, its true Ollie doesn’t really get jokes, when they have a different meaning to what it seems , he doesn’t get sarcasm at all and he certainly cant understand sayings, but HE CAN actually play a successful joke , i think the fact that it was a visual joke helped
this happened last summer .,
As you may know we had a mouse problem , we caught 4 , a lovely twitterer came and blocked up the suspected mouse holes and since then we’ve had no mice for 4 days . ( new note: we actually never had a mouse again)
Because of the mouse problem i bought a kitten , obviously .
The kitten has toys , you can see whats coming cant you

This morning on the way to school O said to me “wouldnt it be funny if you came home today and found a mouse “
” no O ” said I ” i would not be laughing .

Anyway i took O to school , went to the doctors and came home gagging for a tea
Ive got used to checking the traps out of the corner of my eye
I dont want to see a mouse , even in a trap .
The trap was shut .

Cue hyperventilating , crying , panic , my eldest was asleep , what could i do ?
Oh god i was going to have to take a look
I looked with my eyes half open
Yep , a mouse , caught in the trap !!

I called my eldest , help me D theres a mouse ….. I cant …..i cant ….. I just ……. HELP ME

I waited while he grumbled about being woken up

Then i saw it
A bright pink ear
A blue body
Black googly eyes

Do mice look like that ?

Is that….. It….. Is ……its Milos toy mouse
In the trap

O , you got me good and proper

Im sure i will laugh about this ……..when i can breathe again !🐭

Autistics can make jokes 😊

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