I’m loving it….

Just a very quick post to say thankyou for all the support I’ve had since I started this new blog. As I said on my old blog I felt like I had lost myself a little, I wasn’t enjoying it anymore but I’m absolutely thoroughly enjoying this new blog. Its just how I wanted it to be, its me !
I have definitely been over-blogging this week but I’m finding new linkys which I love, and ideas for posts just keep popping into my head. I’m not sure if what I write is any good (not a cue for anyone to say it is) but my God I’m enjoying writing. Every bit of spare time I have I just want to write words.
So I am sorry if I’ve over done it, I’m sure it will settle down, or maybe this is just how I do it? Who knows? I’m just rolling with it. And enjoying it.


…for reading, sharing, commenting, joining in with my linkys, welcoming me to your linkys… I know its only a little blog and in the grand scheme of things its not very important but to me its my thing its my hobby I guess, its my little stamp that I’m putting on the world and I’m loving it .



  1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it all so much now! I’ve caught the bug now too… Since yesterday! Lol. I definitely agree that it’s fun (and a bit of a relief) just to write down the words in your head! It’s great to hear that your fire had been re-ignited! Hooray!!

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