Brit mums live : introducing myself

So it looks like its really happening, I’ve got my ticket, I’ve arranged for my mum to look after the littles ,I really am going to Brit mums live.
Ive never been to any kind of twitter or blog event before, in fact apart from going for a meal with my friend Sue a couple of times a year when she comes to London from Yorkshire Ive never really been anywhere alone without kids, so to be honest I’m pretty much terrified.
I have to get there, meet people I’ve only spoken to via twitter, get home in one piece and do it all again the next day.
Im also very excited, but I have no idea what to expect. Im not sure what the whole thing involves, although I remember thinking how much fun it all seemed last year when I followed it all on twitter.
I have a notebook ready to take notes, but about what, I’m not sure.
Im not really someone who does reviews or sponsored blogs, thats just not me, my blog is just…well , me. I blog things that I like to write, Im not a planner I just blog what I feel, when I feel, usually in bed, theres no drafting or planning Its just me writing stuff as the words come out of my head so I worry a little if I’m going to fit in.
Obviously id like to learn about how to make my blog better so I hope I will at least be able to do that, I’m very much a technophobe so I cant do any clever blog stuff. Maybe I will learn some tips about that?
So…me… Well, you may know me as @8TOZERS, alot of tweeters call me Mrs T , you may also know me as mumblingsontheverge from my old blog which I had for a year and a half, recently I started a fresh new blog lifeonplanett, which I hope is a more positive blog, as mumblingsontheverge was written mostly at a very difficult time in life.
My actual name is Grethe ( rhymes with letter and better) but I’m happy to be called G , mostly as nobody can say or spell my name and theres nothing else it can be shortened to.
Im 5ft 2 on a good day, slim (ish) with brown hair , usually up in a messy ponytail bun thing , you never know I might do something with it before brit mums. Im a bit worried about all the tweets I’ve seen about new outfits, I’m afraid I will be the one in jeans, I only do jeans.
And I’m terribly ridiculously shy , apparently I have one of those faces that makes people say ” cheer up love it might never happen” trust me, I’m happy, thats just my face unfortunately .
I will be dying to meet people and say hello but I’m likely to be the one stood in a corner looking terrified , please do say hello or I might well never approach you , I’ll just be stood looking at you otherwise. I like hugs, hugs are good, greet me with a hug and I’ll be just fine. Or the alternative may be that I get overwhelmed and babble at you. I’m a little like Chandler, I’m likely to be awkward and say stupid things, Im really selling myself here aren’t I ?
I have no idea how to choose what to do on the agenda, I’m kind of hoping I can find someone to tag along with. Again, selling myself really well!
I promise I’m actually quite nice !
I need tips and advice, what to bring, what to do, how to not hide myself in the loo.
So to sum up… Please do say hello, I want to meet you all, feel free to adopt me for the weekend .

I guess I will see you all there !

Please let me know if you’re going so I know who to look for

Love G xx



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