Love, its in all the little things

love , its in all the little things.
I’m taking part in the theme game again over at this week the theme is love
I always say I love you to the kids before They leave for school in the morning, before we go to bed, often for no reason, but now they are mostly teens I don’t always hear it back. It doesn’t trouble me, they are teenagers, its not cool to tell your parents you love them, sometimes its just not easy…

For me love is …
A hug offered when they come in the door , even when accompanied by ” come on then , you can have a hug”

A dime bar, bought as a surprise for me with their left over school money.

A cup of tea when I’m not feeling well.

Coming in the kitchen with me at night ( every night) because I’m convinced I will see a mouse again one day.

Going into the kitchen before me first thing in the morning ( the mouse thing again, I will never get over it)

Dancing with me in the kitchen.

Turning the radio up when a song they know I love comes on.

The salute Im given every night in return when I say “goodnight love you” because sometimes its just hard to say it back.

The list goes on and on. Its all the little things.

There is arguing in my house , shouting , sometimes door slamming and always nagging but we also have a house full of love, its there in all the little things.

The Reading Residence


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  2. So lovely. All these love posts are making me feel all sentimental! And you are so right that it is the little things that let us know that we are loved – I think your kids sound fantastic. The arguing and door slamming is all par for the course with teens, but it’s clear that they love you very much x

  3. Lovely post, I totally agree with you. It’s the little things we do and share everyday. I hope my home is filled with as much love as yours when my two get older. #thethemegame
    By the way, I’m probably being silly and missing it, but do you have a Twitter account? I’d like to share it but can’t spot anything. You can contact me via my blog

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