Wonder : the Julian Chapter

Back last year I read what was one of the best books Ive ever read ,
This is what i said about it back then


This book is about a boy called August with a facial deformity. August has never been to school before but now he going to give it a try.

This book made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions. Through sadness , anger , laughter and so much more.

It was a real insight into what life is like for someone with a facial deformity and for those around them.

This book moved me so much. I really do feel that everybody simply must read it. at once !!

Today I was looking at Amazon, I was actually ordering Stand by me and My girl on dvd squeeeeee! But I cannot look at Amazon without looking at books.

And there I saw Wonder : The Julian Chapter

Written from the point of view of the class bully in wonder.

I downloaded it immediately, obvs!

I cannot wait to read it! As soon as i’m done I will let you know what its like.
Also if you havent read Wonder yet, why not?
Go read it…now. You wont be sorry .

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