Dance with my father again….

Ive found today a little hard, in fact I always find fathers day a little hard.
As a single parent its not a thing in our house, not because Of me i must stress!
I lost my dad when I was 9, he was Ill for a very long time before then so I just don’t have many strong memories of him and doing thing with him.
We lost my stepdad almost 4 years ago, on the 28th june, which happens to be my mums birthday, I remember like it was yesterday, we were at mums watching the England v Germany match (which we lost) when the phonecall came that it was time, I took the kids home as my mum and his children were all going to be with him.
I sat awake all night, watching the phone, waiting for it to be ring, but hoping it never would.
It rang just after 5a.m, our lovely Ron had left us.
From the age of 11 he became the father figure in my life, I was actually a good teenager ( I really was, sorry) but nethertheless a teenager.We didn’t always see eye to eye,I learned later on that he really was always right, he could suss a person out in moments, he could see right through people and although he didn’t always get the whole step dad thing right, he mostly did , we never wanted for anything.
I remember telling Ron and mum that I was pregnant at 18 and moving out, they were furious, Ron drove me to my then boyfriend ( now exhusbands) house, as I got out of the car , he told me “if you ever want to come home just pick up the phone and i’ll be here , again when I announced my wedding plans, I was to be married at 8 months pregnant, he was furious, but he drove me to my wedding, gave me away and paid for the reception. Once Again he told me if I wanted to come home to just had to pick up the phone .
When Dan, my first baby was born Ron was actually there in the room with me, he was so proud, on the day we came home from hospital Ron collected us in his car,he drove like a tortoise and would keep stopping to ask if “the babby” was ok and was he warm enough.He was the one to collect me each time I bought a baby home, apart from Ollie as he was already in the cruel grip of Alzheimer’s by then. Ron even helped me to find our first house, he came to viewings with me to make sure we got a good home for “the babby”
He was equally proud each time I had a baby, he really was a lovely grandad.
Ron had children of his own, and biological grandchildren but he was also my “dad” as he was here for all the things that mattered!
I remember his funny ways, he really was a stereotypical irishman, how many times with passengers in the car did he get in to the passenger seat by accident?I remember him always whistling when he walked from the car to the house every night, I remember how all the old ladies loved him ( he was a cab driver) they all asked for Ron because he was so kind to them all.
I remember him being on my side even when he believed I was wrong.

if I could get another chance
Another walk, another dance with him
Id play a song that would never ever end
How id love love love to dance with my father again

Thankyou Ron Dempsey for being the dad in my life and the grandad in my children’s life

I hope you enjoy a guinness up in heaven tonight G3 , cheers Ron



  1. What a beautiful tribute to your stepdad (Dad). My stepdad is Ron too and he has been my dad since I was 11 also and filled a void for me and has been my rock and now my kids rock. It’s magical when someone special comes into your life and takes over a responsibility that isn’t theirs but takes it on like it is. Truly magical. So sorry for your double loss but you sound like you have appreciated the years you did have together. This is just beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. this brought on a few tears. So lovely that you had a step-dad who loved you and your babies, there aren’t many men like that around today. Rest in Peace, Ron… you were a man of valour, and your “daughter” and “grandchildren” will always remember you with love x

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