The week that was…

Really theres only one way to sum up last week, tiring!
The heat hasn’t helped, I’m afraid I’m a hot weather complainer, it makes me and the kids grumpy and tired, luckily the weekend was cooler.
I think we are all just feeling ready for the end of school, I will be glad to put year 4 behind us as we move on to better things.
This post i wrote about made me smile because he really is like this all the time.
The post its all the little things was the post of the week over at #thethemegame which I was very proud about.
My word of the week post was all about nostalgia , whilst my #whatsthestory photo was one of milo.
Here is the post I write to introduce myself for britmums live and once again i joined in with my prime five which is a fab linky (fortnightly)
I found fathers day hard yesterday so I wrote this about my lovely step dad.

Im really enjoying new linkys I’ve discovered and I’m still going with my ” show your blog off (tuesdays) and pick-a-positive( saturdays) linkys .
The best parts of last week were taking my boys out for lunch and buying news dresses with my mum. I hope you had a good week ,this week I’m planning a lunch date with Ollie and at the weekend britmums live, I’m still terrified but excited all at once . I shall leave you with my favourite post of the week fit friday , enjoy !


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