Prose for thought , I see you there …

Im linking up for prose for thought again this week…I wrote this on my old blog when my anxiety was back with a vengeance, unfortunately is relevant to me now too…

I thought you were gone
But I see you there
Lulled me Into an almost peace
Now you’re back
You creep into my mind
And see the thoughts
I try so hard to contain
You take a hold
And blow them up
Until they’re all too big again.
You take my fears and worries
You distort them
Like it’s a game
I try my best to keep you out
But here you are again.
You may be back , but
You will not pull me under
Not this time.
I am stronger.
You’re not welcome any more.
In time I will be brave enough
To keep you from my door.

Prose for Thought


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