Tube trains and tiaras. The theme game linky

Im joining in with the theme game again this week, the theme is anything goes so I’m linking my favourite post that I wrote last week …

I went to britmums live today (I’ll blog about that another day) but my journey home didn’t go as planned. It sounded simple enough, tube from moorgate to waterloo (one change) and straightforward enough even for me.I actually quite like going on the tube, if I know where I’m going and not in rush hour. As I walked into the station I heard an announcement that the waterloo and city line was suspended.I stood for a while with the whole rabbit in headlights look going on, and because I’m useless with maps and tube lines I found someone to ask for directions, and then found someone else to ask just to be sure. I had to get three tubes all on different lines,and at stations I don’t know at all. I went up very long escalators , down very long escalators, along corridors, back along the same corridors, got lost a few times, all in crowded stations where I’m sure the temperature was at least a hundred degrees, but I did it all wearing my tiara, the one that I got from britmums. I got quite alot of weird looks, but mostly smiles, I was imagining that people either thought I was actually wearing a silver plastic tiara as a fashion statement, or that I believed I looked quite posh and important. When actually I just thought it would be fun to keep it on.

If you’re going to get lost in London what better way than in your tiara.

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