Word of the week

My word of the week this week is an easy one , I’ve done so many things that I just hadn’t imagined doing, my word has to be


This week I’ve started wearing dresses, after not having worn one for 21 years. I’ve lived in jeans (not the one pair), I even wore dresses on both days of brit mums.
I wore my hair down for brit mums, another thing I hadn’t done for many years, I also wore a tiara (a plastic one) at brit mums live, I kept it on all day until I actually got home on saturday.( whilst travelling on the tube)
I met a bunch of (lovely) ladies that I had never met in real life before at waterloo and travelled to brit mums live them, and on my way home on friday I got completely lost (alone) on the underground, stayed calm and found my way. (All whilst wearing my tiara)
And of course the biggest thing of all is that I went to brit mums!I wasn’t sure right up until the day before, but I went and I loved it. I met twitter friends, found new ones, went to blogging sessions and I found that I can actually speak to people, and enjoy myself in a strange place full of people (hundreds) wearing a dress, and a tiara.
Im not sure where this run of confidence has come from, but I like it.

The Reading Residence


  1. Fabulous word and I loved reading this post. It’s great to almost redefine yourself like this, isn’t it? Who says you can’t be the woman wearing dresses with her hair down?! Loving your new-found confidence & glad you had a fab time 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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