Walk for Autism 2014

If you read my old blog you may know that last year I did a sponsored walk in pyjamas with my friend to raise money for the National autistic society, we called it Walk for Autism and raised almost Β£500.
Autism is a subject very close to my heart because I have two boys on the spectrum. And I know from experience that there just isn’t enough help and support for people with autism ( or any special needs or mental health problems) so I would like to do it again.
(I was going to do it at easter but I was far too unwell so It had to be postponed)
I haven’t planned the date yet but it will be in august, but what I’m hoping for…what Im asking you…my fellow bloggers and tweeters is for some support, will you help me?
Any support would be wonderful, tweeting about it, blogging about it, and maybe even taking part in the sponsored walk. You can join in wherever you are, do the walk where you live, blog it, tweet it, instagram it.
I really want to raise more money for the national autistic society and I would love for you to help me.
Will you, please?

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