The kindness of twitter, and help we’ve gone laminating crazy.

gah! I apologise, I’m blogging on my windows phone (that probably says it all) so I cant post a pic, why??? But I wanted to share the lovely thing that happened this week.

Its my mums birthday, not easy to choose a present for at the best of times and funds are more than tight right now.I couldn’t think of anything until it hit me, like a complete stroke of sudden genius.

Around five years ago when my mum moved home Ollie drew her two pictures, he was 4 at the time. One was Elvis …because…elvis!! The other was a helicopter because she moved close to a heliport.

she had the drawings on her fridge for a couple of years then they became a bit battered and fragile, mum gave me the drawings and asked me to see about getting them laminated. Unsurprisingly I forgot, they been in the bottom of the kitchen junk basket for two years, we all have a basket like that, don’t we ! knowing how well mum knows she, she is probably sure I lost them and she will never see them again.

I made up my mind to finally laminate the pictures, which I’m sure will make her extremely happy.I tweeted out asking if anyone had a laminator and to ask if i could pop the drawings in the post, have them laminated then have them popped back to me in the post.

Lots of people were happy to help but then Sue aka @parsnip45 dm’d me to say she had bought us a laminator (and pouches) which would arrive on Thursday, in time for the birthday.I was speechless and absolutely amazed at Sues kindness.

The all important Elvis and helicopter pictures are laminated as are (I’m sorry) lots of pics of Gary Barlows head (for the 14 year old) and a small business card sized pic of Gary Barlow ( for my purse, sorry)

I really think these pictures will make my mums day (its a sad day as my stepdad died on mums birthday 4 years ago) so I’m hoping they will make her smile.

This was all possible because of the wonderful kindness of a twitter friend, twitter blows my mind sometimes.

I will have to post pics on my instagram in the morning as wp is junk on a windows phone, my instagram is mumblingsontheverge if you want to have a peek, remember he was 4 when he drew them πŸ™‚


Thanks again Sue , you made us very happy, you have a beautiful heart xx

update my ipad is working now so Im able to include Ollies artwork that we laminated for my mums birthday ….

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  1. That is so incredibly lovely! I love reading stories like this! I hope your mum had a wonderful birthday and got a few moments to forget about loosing her husband 4 years ago. I hope leaving this comment gives me an extra pair of wings πŸ˜‰

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