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You may know from previous posts that my 9 year old Ollie is going to be starting his new school, in the asd unit of the school this month. Obviously just a few visits to prepare him for september, even so everything has become all about preparation.
Its actually quite easy to forget that Ollie has autism, in the sense that because he has been at home with me he’s been happy and relaxed, we haven’t had to deal with things that are usually issues such as morning routine, going on buses, sleep, we’ve fallen into a routine of no routine, and Its been good, we needed it ,but now we have to deal with the multitude of issues that come with autism and the best way to do that is prepare prepare prepare .
We made a start by getting him back on melatonin regularly, he’s sleeping earlier and earlier (I’m hoping to bring bedtime back to 9 rather than midnight) and so he’s waking earlier.
This means I can start getting him dressed earlier, a struggle because he likes to be in his pants all day every day and get him eating breakfast nice and early.
We are going to start doing practice bus rides to the school because buses are something Ollie finds very difficult, the fact is that there will be a lot of people on the bus so we need to be prepared for that, ear defenders at the ready.
Im talking to Ollie a lot about school trying to make it a normal every day thing to talk about and preparing him by showing him his class web page a lot.
Next week he has his 3 monthly camhs review and we are going to get an ecg done (routine) so that he can be prescribed medication to calm his tics a little. Another part of preparation for school.

I think preparation is the key here to a (hopefully) quite painless transition in to school.
Of course it could all fly out the window if we are hit by a massive meltdown on day one…..but I will be prepared for that too!

The Reading Residence


  1. Good luck and I hope he transitions well. I really hope that he doesn’t melt down on day 1 for you and manages to handle the change but you are right if you prepare then hopefully you can deal with anything that happens x #wotw

  2. You sound fantastically organised, and hopefully the transition will go well. Being able to know the things that will make a difference and tweak things like the meds to get everything lined up in plenty of time are what your son needs right now, and sounds like it’s all under control! #WotW
    Take care

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