You win some, you lose some.

Last night Ollie had his melatonin at 9 o clock, by 10 he was fast asleep, oh joyous miracle πŸ˜€ I lay in bed, in peace and quiet watching criminal minds on the iPad, I had won a small battle, no more one million questions till midnight, just me, my iPad and criminal minds.

Now, whilst Ollie has been off school, for the past 8 months we’ve fallen into a morning routine, I wake up with the girls at 6, lay on the sofa semi conscious over see them getting ready for school, then make a cup of tea and by 7 I’m back in bed, tweeting, blogging, usually snoozing all the way until 8 or even 9.

But this morning I crept up to my room with my tea, looking forward to my bonus snooze, walked in and

morning mummy why do you think Americans call it a flashlight when we call it a torch ?

Looks like I have a new morning routine to get used to, and im not sure I love it.

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