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Sleep has been just a distant memory for me for a very long time, Ollie is incredibly difficult to settle at night, up until april this year he was still sleeping in my bed ( he’s 9) and although we eventually cracked that, he now sleeps on a chair bed next to my bed, it was still midnight at least before he settled, I’m not sure of the science of it all but in autistic people melatonin is produced at the wrong time, or not atall and sensory issues, too light, too dark, too noisy, too quiet, the feel of the pyjamas, the bed covers can make bedtime a very long process.
Ollie gets very chatty at bedtime and every night he comes up with a million completely random questions that he needs to know the answer to immediately, I actually love Ollies natural curiosity, just not at midnight especially as I need some quiet time to wind down before I sleep.
Ollie was prescribed melatonin a year ago but never got into a routine of taking it because he didn’t like the very tired feeling it gave him, but for the last two weeks he’s been taking it every night ( his choice) in preparation for going back to school.
He’s usually asleep by ten now, which I’m hoping to Bring back a bit to 9 and I’m having a much needed winding down period before bed, I’ve been watching criminal minds on my iPad in bed, reading and blogging, when I’m ready to sleep I’m relaxed so I’m sleeping much better every night .
Because Ollie is sleeping earlier he is waking at around 7 rather than 9 so he will be well prepared for early school mornings.

Sleep is a beautiful thing, as the saying goes

without enough sleep we all become tall two year olds

The Reading Residence


  1. Great that you’re finally getting some decent sleep. Sleep is so important. We’re considering melatonin for little man as he’s always awake in the early hours – therefore he’s knackered by dinnertime. x

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