The prompt: tv, could you live without it?

Im joining in with The Prompt again this week, the prompt this time is “tv, could you live without it?

For me the answer to this is simple.
I don’t actually watch much tv , I have the 9 o clock window for using the tv but even then the only programmes I always watch are criminal minds, vampire diaries, hawaii five o and chicago fire.
I don’t enjoy the morning news programmes such as good morning Britain, as they seem to be filled more with useless fluff than actual news, daytime tv is dreadful, from Jeremy Kyle (who actually watches that rubbish?) to loose women and 60 minute makeover its all just pointless guff and not even entertaining, I’ve even gone off of the soaps, I was a fan of eastenders and corrie but the storylines become increasingly less believable and actually quite ridiculous and Eastenders is on the whole pretty depressing stuff.
Im totally over reality shows, I haven’t seen big brother for two years, Ive given up on britans got talent and xfactor has frankly lost whatever it was that made it such good viewing when it began, the judges are completely insincere, and the voting public have begun to make a mockery of the voting on these shows. The controversial shows such as benefit street (is that what its called) are just propaganda made to look certain groups of people look bad so they just make me angry.
So apart from the aforementioned 4 shows which I love, Tv is just not for me.
I would rather spend an evening playing a game with the kids, we like yahtzee, frustration, black peter, game of life and monopoly, i think its important to play games together as a family and it helps kids to learn about playing fair, being a gracious winner and accepting losing .
My other great love is reading, I just love escaping into the world of a book , i would always choose reading time over tv time, and my other love is writing, I’m no writer, when I say writing I mean blogging, but I enjoy it, for me its fun, its a hobby. Its amazing how much you can achieve…family time playing games, reading, writing when you switch off the tv.

so, could I live without tv?
As long as I can sneakily keep up with criminal minds, vampire diaries, chicago fire and hawaii five O On the iPad 😊 ,



  1. Love Vampire Diaries 🙂 I actually watch very little TV myself, but I have certain shows that I love and do keep up with, all recorded or streamed though! I think you’re right that we should do lots of other things too, and it’s amazing how creative the kids can be when the TV is not on, they are quite happy to entertain themselves. Having said that, I don’t mind them watching some TV, and there are times when it gives me a break from activities too! It’s a balance, everything in moderation. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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