The one my twelve year old wrote πŸ˜Š

my twelve year old had to write about issues relating to airbrushing and body image for school , I’m impressed with what she wrote so I’m posting it, (with her permission)
The average size of a model is 0-4 in clothing but the average size of a women in the UK, is 14.
Most runway models meet the BMI criteria of anorexia.
My essay is about issues relating to body image, fat shaming and airbrushing and how this affects young teens and adults how they think of themselves.
Reasons against airbrushing and fat shaming.
On the cover of a Now magazine The image is of women with what Now magazines sees as hideous bodies running in bikinis or on a beach. When young girls see this they will feel bad about flaws and bumps and curves in their body, this might affect how they think about themselves and this might affect their social life as they might not want to go out as their body is not perfect like pictures from other magazines where woman hav been airbrushed to look perfect. Because of magazines like this girls will hate the idea of going to the beach or wearing a bikini as they’re not perfect. This may be one of the reasons girls smother themselves with makeup and go on diets they don’t want to go on just to be what they think is perfect, when its whats on the inside that counts.
Reasons for airbrushing is that it is a clever way to advertise to attract the target audience they are aiming a product at. The airbrushed picture will make girls want to look like the model therefore they will buy what may be advertised with unrealistic expectations.
Overall I think airbrushing should not be used as girls should be taught to accept how they look and be proud of their looks, but seeing a picture of a model who has been airbrushed might make them think they’re not perfect and need to change to look like the model.
By ZoΓ« (aged 12)

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  1. I have moles all over my body, they are just tiny but I never saw any models with moles growing up and thought my skin was abnormal. Airbrushing has been used for a long time. I remember Cindy Crawford and the fuss about her mole (google it, people STILL ask her about it!)

    Brilliant piece and I hope you write some more articles soon

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