Picture perfect : book review


This weekend I read Picture Perfect, by Holly Smale I had read the first two books in the series, Geek girl and Model misfit, and lately Ive been having a bit of a reading block, struggling to enjoy a book, but I just knew that Picture perfect would be the book to unblock my love of reading .

In book one, Harriet Manners, total geek accidentally becomes an international model (which was unfortunately her best friends dream).

In book two Harriets life is about to change again, her dad and stepmum have a baby on the way and Harriet ends up in Tokyo modelling where she meets with one disaster after another .

In picture perfect , book 3 Harriet is about to turn 16 and also about to start 6th form , she has planned everything, but it all changes when her parents announce they are moving to new york, Harriet has to leave her familiar life behind including her best friend, her stalker and her dog, will she make friends in new york, will she fall back into the modelling business and most importantly what will happen between her and Nick? They are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend but Does Harriet push their relationship too far?

These books are just brilliant , Harriet knows a lot of facts and I find the random facts throughout the books really interesting, the books are also very funny.
By the last third of book 3 I was ooohing , aaahing , oh-no-ing and laughing with every turn of the page.

They are young adult books but I can testify to the fact that whether you are 39 like me or 12 like my daughter who also read the whole book this weekend you will enjoy this book , if you enjoy drama, romance, an adventure and a very funny read.

Now the 12 year old and I are desperately hoping we haven’t heard the last of Harriet Manners .


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