Twitter for Dummies ( aka facebookers)

Ive been on Facebook for around 7 years and twitter for around 4 (although for the first two years I mainly followed celebs, rookie mistake, but we’ll come back to that) and I’ve noticed something, although tweeters cross over to Facebook (I have a number of Facebook friends who I know through twitter) facebookers very rarely cross over to twitter.
Ive seen a few, join twitter, give it a couple of days, declare that its rubbish and head straight back to facebook, where all the action is, not. One of the few reasons I keep my fb account is that many of my fb friends wont cross over. And I enjoy keeping up with them on social media……why is it that facebookers just dont get twitter?
A lot of people start off by following celebs, this is a huge mistake, celebs are boring, its usually someone else tweeting on their behalf, its all just plugging stuff and they never interact, major yawn-fest ! ( I believe I only follow one celeb!) Authors are different though, authors often interact, they appreciate your opinion on their books, they often answer questions, Authors can be cool to follow and also by following hashtags about books you often have a good way in to start a conversation with a regular tweeter.
Twitter can feel like standing in a big empty room talking to yourself in the beginning but you can use hashtags, look up things that interest you to get into conversations with people. If you interact, people will interact back.
There aren’t any rules for twitter, except maybe this one … Twitter is not Facebook! Facebook is where the LOLZ are, Facebook is where folk use lol as actual punctuation. If you want to tell people you are

snuggled on the sofa with your babez ‘aving a beer lolz

then facebook is probably the place for you.
Twitter is where real time conversations happen, you can log into twitter and find yourself having completely random chats with people from all walks of life. It can take a while to get used to, learning to butt in to conversations, butting in is acceptable on twitter. I follow and interact with people with considerably more than myself and people with considerably less than myself, people with very interesting lives and people with, well…normal lives like mine and it doesn’t matter, I follow people with kids, without kids, older people, younger people, but when it comes down to it we are all just people, who like interacting .I follow many autism parents as the autism community on twitter is brilliant as are many of the diverse communities you find on there. I get my news from twitter, I follow my kids schools on twitter, I learn an awful lot from twitter and most importantly I’ve made real friends, people I have met, people I can text, call, write to. People who are there for me all the time.
The day I found out that Ollie had got the school placement I wanted people on twitter waited anxiously that morning for news and they cried happy tears for us when we got the news.
Is twitter full of bullies , trolls and weirdos?
Well, there are bullies trolls and weirdos everywhere, I’ve never been bullied or trolled and I’ve seen very little bullying on twitter, if you don’t like someone or don’t get on with them don’t follow them, block if you must…and try to live by the rule that you wouldn’t tweet something you wouldn’t say to someones face. And obviously don’t go setting up meetings with people you’ve only just tweeted, don’t go giving away personal info, stay anonymous if you like (many do) but thats all just common sense.
I think its fair to say that social media isn’t going anywhere ,even more and more companies use twitter to interact with customers.
Twitter is not a scary place, theres no big mystery to “getting it” its faster moving and more social than facebook ( you can of course lock your account so you are still protecting your privacy) and lets face it on twitter you don’t have to pretend to be interested in people you never even really liked at school .
If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go, don’t follow celebs, don’t troll, use hashtags to find people with common interests, lock your profile if you wish, and most of all interact, interact, interact, you wont get 500 followers over night , I think sometimes thats why people leave but finding followers takes time , and actually its not the quantity of followers , but the quality that matters, you will eventually build up a network of like minded ( or not) people that you will enjoy interacting with.
Whats not to like about that?


  1. Completely spot on!! I don’t ‘do’ Facebook and it took me a while to get into the swing of twitter but I love it now! I did make mistake of following back everyone who followed me but meant I missed too many good tweets from favourites so I had a major cull recently and it’s loads better. I also feel I’ve made some proper friends. It’s fab!!

  2. To be honest I *was* a dedicated Facebooker and don’t think I could or would have survived Twitter without you there to hold my hand and help guide me through. I’m getting far more into it now and yes , unfollowing the celeb accounts I started with.

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