The theme game : growing a family

Im linking up with the Theme game again, this week the theme is Growing…

Twenty one years ago there was a girl, just 18, with a baby growing inside her…..
That august a boy was born, the baby boy grew and the girl grew up,
she grew into being a mum,
while the boy was growing the mum grew 6 more babies inside her,
her tummy kept growing,
their family kept growing.
Two more boys, three girls and one more boy.
The mum had to grow into being a single mum,
as the children grew and kept on growing.
The mum had to grow into being a special needs mum,
an autism mum,
as the children kept on growing.
And eating (everything)
And growing.
And eating (everything)
Uni happened, college happened,
A levels will soon happen,
GCSEs are happining,
autism is happening,
and the children keep on growing.
Growing into young adults.
And as that mum….that girl…that had a baby growing inside of her 21 years ago looks at her boy,
her first, her eldest,
fully grown about to have his birthday,
she smiles to herself….

i grew a human all the way to 21 and didnt break him

And she looks at her family all around her and thinks

maybe , just maybe I’m not too bad at growing humans 😊

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