The one where i didnt tweet or blog and nothing bad happened

So a few days ago I took a twitter break, also a blog break.
As someone who tweets tweeted quite often and blogged every day I wasn’t sure Id actually manage to stay away but after a few hours I wasn’t even bothered .
My tweeting and blogging has been too negative lately and I dont like to be the negative one, although twitter is great for a vent you can actually do it too much. Ive taken on board the mantra that if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all (most of the time)
Ive relaxed, I’ve enjoyed a book, Ive discovered that not tweeting in bed goes a long way to curing insomnia! Also as much as I love my followers it was nice to step away from their lives a bit, sometimes you just need to put your own house in order before you worry about other peoples lives. For your own good.
Ive also learnt that I don’t need my phone at the dinner table, and I don’t need my phone in my hand if the kids are talking to me, I need to be fully present when the kids need me too, that means less tweeting.
I didn’t check my timeline at all, I didn’t blog either and nothing happened my twitter followers were all still there as was my blog.
Im ready to start tweeting again, just not quite so much and I’m ready to blog again, although only when I feel like it, not because I feel I should, i think sometimes when you blog almost every day you fall into a trap of feeling you must churn something out but if your post feels forced when its written, it feels forced when its read .

I 💜twitter and I 💜blogging but I will be doing less and taking breaks, life is short, one mustn’t tweet and blog so much about life that one has not enough time to live it.

its nice to be back


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