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I think I have a lot to be proud of, when this school year started we were in an impossible situation with Ollie at school, his school had no idea how to look after him, and wouldn’t accept there was anything wrong. Being at school was damaging him, I was crying every time I had to leave him there, and I was being called to collect him early every day, by november he was only allowed in school for 3 hours a week.
While that was going on I was fighting for his autism diagnosis, which I got after a lot of blood sweat and tears. I then decided to take him out of school, There was no way I could continue allowing Ollie to be damaged like that, I went against the advice of education welfare and deregistered him. I allowed him a few months to be at home, to recover, while we waited for his statement to be finalised. Then I started looking for schools, we were assigned a case worker by pupil services who proved to be less than helpful so I contacted parent partnership who helped me a great deal, they pushed for a date for Ollies case to go to panel and helped me find suitable schools, I found a local school with an ASD unit and on the morning of the panel meeting I viewed it, I phoned and asked for the meeting to be interrupted so I could name the school and just half an hour later was given the news that I had been successful, Ollie has visited the school with me four times now, he had a wonderful afternoon there which I wrote about here and Im confident that it is the perfect school for Ollie , I know september will be a challenge, settling him in properly but I’m so proud of how far we have come and what I achieved for Ollie, it wasn’t easy and at times the stress almost broke me but I did it .

Thats not all though, my eldest has finished uni with a degree in physics, the 17 year old has finished his first year in college doing his level one diploma in plumbing he passed every exam but one with a distinction, the other with a merit.
Considering that he had a rough patch (to put it mildly) at school in year 11, his only ” achievement” being the record for lowest attendance, he has done amazingly well.
Also…the 16 year old has done her gcses, she is expected to have achieved very high grades, since she broke up from school she has done her silver duke of Edinburgh expedition, and is doing work experience (football coaching related) every day, shes doing long hours and still going to football training in the evenings, I must mention that the 12 and 14 year olds also had brilliant school reports.
Its been a long touch school year but my kids have done me proud ! 😊

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  1. So many successes and reasons to be proud!So pleased for you and all of your children, and I do hope Ollie has a good start in September. But until then, I hope you all have a lovely, well-earned, break now that it’s the holidays x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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