The one where we went to specsavers

Ollie has been saying for a while that he hasn’t been able to see everything properly and I must admit that at first I didn’t take much notice because he gets ideas in his head that he has all kinds of things wrong with him, but this week I was in specsavers with the 16 year old so I thought I may as well make him an appointment.
We went this morning, and I have to say I was quite worried because he was so sure that he needed glasses I had visions of him staging a sit in or worse a full blown meltdown if his eyes turned out to be fine.
I was also a little worried that he wouldn’t cope well with the appointment, his standard answer to everything is “I don’t know” so I did wonder how reading the chart would go.
Well, all my fears were unfounded.
I mentioned as soon as we got there that Ollie has autism, the first lady we saw who took pictures of his eyes was great with him, she explained everything that she was doing and it was quick and painless, we then went upstairs for the actual test, the lady who did this was again great with him, she explained what she would do and was extremely patient with him, he surprised me by answering everything very clearly, after the test the lady showed us the picture of his eyeball and explained which part was the nerves and that his eyeballs were very healthy, and then she told him he does need glasses, for everything except reading or going on the ipad.
I must admit I did a little air punch in my mind, because there would be no sit in or meltdown, he was actually chuffed that he had been right.
We then had to choose the glasses, two pairs because at specsavers you get the free pair on the nhs and then another free pair, we choose to have one pair of prescription sunglasses as having the sun in his eyes really bothers Ollie.
Luckily the lady that helped Ollie to choose his glasses was also very patient as Ollie struggles when given a lot of choice, so the choosing process was long, Ollie tried every pair from the display and then the lady went and got lots more from the cupboard, eventually we had chosen both pairs and the lady explained really well what she was doing as she measured his eyes and adjusted the frames to fit his face.
Im really pleased with the glasses Ollie chose and like his big sister his really suits glasses.
We collect them in a week and he will have the whole summer holidays to get used to wearing them.
My 16 year old has been wearing glasses since before she could even walk, we’ve always used specsavers and today reaffirmed my opinion that they really are a great opticians .

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