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It was a long school year, with a horrible beginning, I don’t want to go on about it because its over but autism + Ollies old school = dreadful tells you all you need to know.I have spent much of the year fighting for an asd placement, meetings appointments etc, as well as that the 16 year old took her GCSE exams and then the general hoo ha that comes with having kids in school, the 5:30 alarm, packed lunches, uniforms ( washing them, ironing then, getting them ready) signing notes and forms, its all over school is out for summer, I can relax knowing that Ollie has a placement in an asd unit for september, knowing the 5:30 alarm can be turned off, I dont have to worry about packed lunch or uniforms or anything to do with school.
We can all relax catch up on some sleep, get some sunshine, do stuff together, go to bed too late. We have time we dont have to be anywhere, so we can be wherever we like, there are no meetings, no appointments, just time.
It was a tough school year but we all got through it, now we can breathe and relax

The Reading Residence


  1. A word I can relate to. my little girl is just coming to her 2nd year in an ASD school and shes so much happier for it. School is a battle for my son who is in mainstream with a full statement and he JUST copes. He will be doing a lot of relaxing this holidays before he heads to year 6 #WotW

  2. What a great post. Not had much chance to read many blogs as travelling, but felt the urge to comment on this one. Sometimes we have periods where life seems to be such a struggle. But you’ve done it, and from the sound of it you are at, or nearly at, the top of the hill. Relax and enjoy the view #wotw

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