Pick a positive : linky

I started the Pick a positive linky a while back but recently I cut back on blogging and tweeting a bit because…reasons and I hadn’t kept this linky going so when http://adventuresofanunpreparedmother.wordpress.com asked me if she could take the linky over I was more than happy for that to happen. It means I can join in when I can but I have no pressure to run it, this week I’m joining in because I happen to have a few positives, so here goes…
The kids broke up for summer 😊 (we don’t have to think about school for ages)
We found out Ollie needs glasses…he looks awesome in glasses!
Three of the kids are off camping for a week, the girls go tomorrow, the 17 year old went yesterday and whilst I will miss them a lot I know they will have a lot of fun.
We had a lovely sunday dinner together today, if I may say so I do a good roast potato, my mum popped in during dinner and while I washed up she dried the dishes for me (always nice and very rare in my house)
I finished my day with a crusty roll with cheese and a glass of indian summer cider (ginger and cardamom flavour).
We watched Stand by me this evening together, I love that movie!
And my final positive is that Im so happy to see this linky being kept going, I’d love to see you join in 😊


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