There one where Ollie went geocaching

I started this week determined that I would convince Ollie to start walking Maxi with me in the evenings, because Im trying to get him moving more and also to get some sunshine on him.
On wednesday he came reluctantly but I asked him to bring my “wreck this journal” with him and throw it around down the lane and he ended up enjoying himself.
On thursday he was more keen, we chatted a lot and he kept stopping to fiddle with sticks and stones.
Then today…well I had been telling my sister that on the lane where we walk Maxi, just behind my house there is a series of geocaches, last autumn we had tried to find the first one but after quite a few hours of unsuccessful searching had given up on the whole thing, we decided to try again on the evening dog walk with Maxi.
Ollie was keen to try again, and with just a little help* he found the first one



This is what happens if you ask him to look happy for a photo


Spurred on by finding the elusive first one he was keen to try for the second, armed with the geocache app on my phone, with gave us clues and had a compass telling us how close we were he had soon found the second one, he wrote his name on the log, And I recorded the find online as with the first one.




We were ready to head home as Maxi knows where we turn off the lane and was keen to go home but Ollie wanted to find another one.
It was quite a walk to the next location but there was no arguing with him and actually I was so pleased to see him wanting to be out, we had an hour till sunset so we popped Maxi home and got a bottle of water.
It was a lovely walk to the next location and this one was a little harder to find, the compass thing had us walking in circles a bit but we did it




We headed home triumphant and With Ollie keen to find the fourth one another day and as we walked we passed the little church where they have scouts, I asked Ollie if he might want to try and we’ve decided that we will ask if we can visit twice to help him decide. (He’s keen)

It was a lovely evening, we walked quite far, had lots of fresh air and chatted lots, as well as finding 3 geocaches 😊

There seem to be lots of geocaches hidden in our area so Im hoping we will go out finding many more.

*when i was telling my sister about the first geocache that we had spent a long time unsuccessfully looking for we happened to be walking past the location, she kicked a screw on the gate and the geocache thing fell right out, so we had looked for hours and she found it in seconds like some kind of geocache ninja, we popped it back and decided to take Ollie in the evening and let Ollie find it with just a little direction

His “cheese” face

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