The one where I took the plunge and bought some “muff fluff”

I haven’t blogged for quite a while so What better way to make a comeback than by talking about periods. Well, not so much periods as sanitary protection….
Are you still reading?

The idea of reusable sanitary towels is quite new to me, I follow a few tweeters who use (and even make or sell) them and I will admit that my first thought about them was “ick” but I was also curious, so I read about them, and spent quite some time looking at all the different ones you can buy. Lucy writes about “Muff fluff” over on her blog and I always read her posts about them.
The fact is they aren’t icky at all. They save money, are environmentally friendly and apparently they have health benefits too.
saving money
This one is obvious, now, I cant actually do the maths because…I cant do maths, but if you think of how long women have periods for, say from around the age of twelve to the age of fifty one ( the average age for starting the menopause) and then how many packs of pads are needed every month, probably two? Thats a lot of money spent on sanitary pads. I have 3 teenage daughters, I dread to think of the costs of keeping myself and 3 daughters in sanitary pads
With reusable pads you need to make an initial outlay of approx £40 and then the towels will last you around five or six years.
So its a no brainer really.
environmentally friendly
Disposable Sanitary pads come in plastic packets, are individually wrapped in plastic and have plastic backing, thats a lot of plastic, which will eventually all end up in landfill, along with the rest of each pad. Reusable pads eliminate all that plastic.
health benefits
Ive read that some women have experienced lighter less painful periods after switching to reusable pads, along with less occurences of thrush, soreness, dryness.
Also by using reusables pads you aren’t putting whatever chemicals go into making disposable pads next to your skin.
I also expect (hope) that reusable pads are more comfortable.

After doing much reading on the matter I have taken the plunge and ordered myself some cloth sanitary pads, I’ve only ordered three to begin with as they are completely new to me and I’d like to give them a try before I buy more, I’ve ordered a night time pad and two regular pads, the night time pad is made by green cycle, the regular ones by Dimplemuff.
The choice is if im honest a little overwhelming, there are lots of different makes, different sizes and materials so its worth having a good look before you buy and probably trying a few different ones. I’ve bought mine from they have a good choice on their website.
Another thing I discovered is just how pretty they all are, there is such a huge choice of fabric and colour I’m sure it wont be long till I have quite a few more than is strictly necessary. There are also plenty of teen pads available and most websites sell starter packs at very reasonable prices.

I’ve been reading up on how to wash the pads, again, over on Lucys blog and the whole thing doesn’t seem icky at all. I’m planning to use a wet bag to keep used towels in and then wash them all together at the end of my period, its sounds perfectly simple . I have to say that keeping them in a wet bag sounds no less icky than wrapping used disposables and putting them in the bin.

I cant wait to receive my first reusable sanitary towels (I’m probably disproportionately excited) I shall post some pictures of them, just to show off how pretty they are… And I shall let you know how I get on with them.

Do you use reusable sanitary pads?
Which would you recommend?
Or have you yet to be converted?

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