The family that plays together stays together…or something

I’m not a huge tv fan, I have a handful of shows that I never miss but i’d much rather spend my free time *laughs at the very idea of free time* reading or playing a game with the kids.
I think its important to play games together as often its the only time everyone is sat down together and also because it encourages good sharing skills and especially in Ollie’s case it helps to teach him about following rules, interacting and also how to cope with not winning.
Most of all though its just fun.

I like games that are quick to set up (because ain’t nobody got time for that) quite quick to play so Ollie doesn’t lose interest and games with clear cut, easy to follow rules and objectives (nothing where the rules are open to, say, being misinterpreted by Ollie)

These are some of our favourite games…

I’ve loved this since I was very young, its so quick and easy to play, we have a travel game because we’ve always taken it with us when we go away.


black cat
We bought this in Tiger (I love Tiger) its a very easy card game where the object is to not end up with the black cat. We are all terrible at using our poker faces when we have the black cat in our hand.


playing cards
We play a game called five hundred which we used to play at my nan and grandads house when we were young, I also like to play 21 with the kids, we bet using coppers. The possibilities with are deck of cards are endless.
We have a rather funky set …


The kids have just introduced me to this game, they play it with church.
I love this one, you have to be the first to 1000 points by giving or taking away points to yourself or your opponents. I think the reason I love this one is because Im quite competitive and I love the opportunity to be a bit mean to the kids ( by taking ALL their points away ) all in the name of fun, of course mwah hah hah ha ha , there are also lots of different decks available so you can mix the decks up to make even more fun.

fish race
Another one from Tiger, this one is new we bought it this week, its quick, simple and fun, you roll the dice to race the fish, our my competitiveness really comes through on this one.

Other favourites of ours are pass the pigs, Chinese checkers (they do a lovely one in Tiger) and Frustration, although I must admit frustration and autism don’t always mix well, things can get a little fraught!

The “family games night” games on the wii are also fun, you don’t need to tidy the games away at the end so these score bonus points.


Fish race

What games do you enjoy playing together as a family?

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