teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey

I love tea! I really do.
I drink a lot of the stuff, in fact i would much rather have a good cup of tea than any other drink at any given time.
I have been trying lots of different teas lately and this week I found Teapigs, I bought a pack of Darjeeling Earl Grey tea bags.
Earl grey is by far my favourite black tea and a really good earl grey is not an easy thing to find.
This is what Teapigs say about their Earl grey


The tea bags themselves are really pretty


I let the tea brew for a good 3 minutes (in my lovely new mug)


Then added a little sugar, a dash of milk (always skimmed for me, if you’re wondering) and gave it a good stir. I made a mental note to buy a lemon as I’ve never actually tried it with a slice of lemon, then I put my feet up to (hopefully) enjoy my brew.

the verdict
This really is a good Earl grey!
The blend is just right, not wishy washy like some supermarket Earl greys I’ve tried but also not overpowering and definitely not too perfumey.
In fact I’ve adopted this as my new regular brand!

While I was enjoying my tea I had a look at the teapigs website, now I need want to try all of their teas, I think chocolate flake will be the first one.

If you like earl grey you should definitely give this one a whirl

*I bought this tea myself and wrote this post purely because I liked this tea so much


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  1. earl grey is also my favorite! And it’s so hard to find a good one. We have a local coffee shop that prides itself on it’s organic loose leaf teas, but sadly they are terrible. Thanks for giving me a new one to try!

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