Sainsburys Lemon, ginger and honey tea

You may have noticed from either the blog, my twitter or my instagram feed that I really like tea!
I always try to get two new ones in my weekly shopping and if I find myself in a shop during the week I rarely leave without a packet of tea.
This week in Sainsburys I found this Taste the difference, Lemon, ginger and honey tea.

Three of my favourite flavours in tea!
I do love a ginger tea, most of the ginger teas I’ve tried are quite heavy with the ginger (which is no bad thing)

I brewed the tea for 3 minutes, 1 bag in a mug, and added a little sugar (I just cant quit the sugar), and gave the tea bag a good squeeze on the side of the cup.
The result was a perfectly blended tea. Rather than being heavy or overpowering the ginger was perfectly balanced with the lemon and honey, a much more gentle ginger cuppa. Which is not to say it wasn’t full of flavour.
I really enjoyed this tea, so much so that its earned a permanent spot in my tea cupboard.

My verdict its well worth a try, sweet, soothing with just the right amount of ginger for a gentle brew. 👍👍👍

Look at the pretty tea bag!



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